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Here at LM Physio @ Home we offer a range of Physiotherapy services that will often be used in combination to assist in your recovery. Please see below for a description of what each treatment entails. 

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy involves various exercises that are deemed appropriate for your specific pain presentation. Exercise can be effective for pain relief, increasing strength, joint range of movement and muscle flexibility. Exercises are typically an integral part of your recovery. Our aim is get you even stronger and fitter than before to increase your quality of life and reduce the chances of your pain problem reoccurring. 


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment involving the insertion of fine sterile needles in to different specific points of the body. It has been increasingly used in Western Medicine due to its effectiveness in treating many complex pain conditions.

Pain Neuroscience Education 

Pain Neuroscience Education is used to explain why you hurt and help you make sense of your pain, which is often essential for recovery, especially for chronic pain conditions (those that have lasted over 3 months). This is implemented using stories, diagrams and metaphors which are underpinned by the latest neuroscience research. Numerous studies have found that just understanding how pain works can actually reduce the pain you feel!

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is the umbrella term for a range of treatments including mobilisations, manipulations, massage. These treatments can often provide quick improvements in pain and joint range of movement and can be invaluable in the early stages of your recovery. 

Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy rehabilitation following surgery is fundamental to optimise your recovery. This typically involves graded exercise appropriate to the stage of healing of the tissues, progressing from aided (e.g. crutches) to unaided walking and potentially passive treatments such as massage. In some cases (e.g. ACL repair) you may benefit from exercises prior to surgery with the aim to maximise your potential for a full recovery. 

Typical operations that require Physiotherapy: total hip replacements, total knee replacements, athroscopies, meniscectomies, ACL repairs, rotator cuff repairs, subacromial decompressions, manipulations under anaesthetic

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