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Online Physio Appointments

During these unprecedented times we find ourselves in, people like you continue to suffer with their chronic pain conditions and struggle to access treatment, support and guidance. 


Here at LM Physio @ Home, we are committed to supporting you in these difficult times and therefore we are now providing online Physiotherapy appointments, focusing on people who are suffering from long-term, chronic and persistent pain conditions.

How to book an online appointment?

You can book an appointment by calling or texting us on 07512 388 633 or emailing us at

How do I pay for the Online Physio appointment?

Payments can be made by online bank transfer. The details will be provided to you when you make an appointment.

How much will the Online Physio appointment cost?

Initial Consultation (60 minutes): £50

Follow up appointments (30 minutes): £35

What to expect from your Online Physio Appointment?

Prior to the session, we will send you a registration form via email -  ideally to be completed before your session. The information required include your personal details (name, address, D.O.B.), medical history, GP name and address, current medications and your consent. This can be completed online or printed out and completed by hand and then scanned or posted back to us. If this will not be possible, we can also complete it at the beginning of your session. 

We will be conducting our online appointments using video conferencing software called Zoom. We will send you a link to join our meeting, via email 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. You may be asked to use a password to join the meeting, which will also be provided. 

During the assessment we will listen to your story about your pain experience or condition and how it has impacted on your life. We will discuss what your specific goals are, which will help guide your treatment. We will also aim to address any particular worries or concerns you have about your symptoms. We will always screen you to make sure your pain is not due to a serious health problem.

As we will be using video, we can still do a physical examination. This will allow you to show us the body part that is hurting and what you have difficulty doing. This will enable the Physiotherapist to observe how much you are able to move, how you move, your ability to relax your body, as well as strength, fitness and balance. The Physiotherapist may ask you to try and move in different ways in order to see if this changes your symptoms. 

Here are LM Physio@Home, our focus is on self-management and therefore can still work very well online. Following examination, our treatment will involve providing you with a clear explanation of your pain problem or condition. We will then devise an individualised exercise programme based on your specific goals, in order to help you get back to doing the things that are meaningful for you. The exercises will be simple and appropriate for your condition. We will also send you an email link to access your exercises, which will involve a detailed description of how to do them.

​At the end of your session, we can arrange a further appointment if needed.


Please don’t suffer alone, we are here to help.

Call 07512 388 633 or email today.

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